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It's Time To Say Goodbye

s a y i n g

g o o d b y e

We went on a road trip from Tennessee to Canada to help pack up Mike's parents house to help them move on out. The road trip is a little over 10 hours, but with a toddler it takes a little over 12 hours. The whole family packed in to our car with all the snacks and all the shows loaded on to the ipad (thank you apple for providing endless entertainment for my child, also not an ad just a really thankful parent!!). Mike and his family moved into this home when Mike was around the age of 8. Mike and I started dating in our senior year of high school. I definitely feel connected to this home as well since we have shared so many memories together and I get to hear all the other ones as well. We all can agree that the pool in the backyard has been a highlight of our memories with this home. Mike's parents created a sweet home and everyone was welcomed to walk through the front door. As we began packing it up there was so much stuff tucked away in every nook and cranny, but every thing big or small had a memory that Mike's parents would share. That definitely is a testimony to the rich and full life these two created for not just their family but for everyone who entered. It will be sad to not walk through those doors and to see Grammy's ceramic goose dressed for the season or holiday, or to sit out back while everyone is in the pool, or find papa playing sudoku at the kitchen table. Ever since I can remember and from the stories I've heard I will remember the fullness. The house was always full of people in different rooms playing games, singing at the piano, running around in the basement, cooking together. I love that this home didn't have too many rules, you were welcomed, you were going to get a snack (probably an oreo) and you were most definitely going to feel loved. I hope and pray that my home will be enjoyed as much as the one Mike's parents built. The best part about the home they built is the people and the memories and those we get to take, and now we get to say goodbye and greet the new family that will build their memories in that big yellow brick home in Ilderton Ontario.

We are so looking forward to the next season as a family, to create new memories in the next home, so thank you Grammy and Papa and goodbye house it's been really really great!!

Thanks for reading!! And check out the Vlog Mike put together!


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