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Started From The Bottom

I started producing music when I was 13 years old, creating beats / songs and working with local artists in my small town of Ilderton, Ontario (Canada). I have incredible parents, and when I was 16 my dad and I built a small studio in the basement.


I attended a small audio engineering school (OIART) and shortly after married my high school sweetheart Kayla. It was hard trying to make it as a music producer in a small town but I got to work with some really cool artists


Mike Tompkins Beginnings

It Got Crazy

I started to learn how to video edit, and decided to throw up a video on YouTube just for fun. The video would feature me recording a popular song but using no musical instruments (Acapella). 

All of a sudden one of my videos went viral (25 million views to be exact). I was shocked because I never had a desire to be a music artist.

It got crazy... I was on Ellen, The Today Show and immediately in the studio with my favorite producer "Timbaland" to make music with him.

While with Timbaland in Miami I ended up working with an incredible artist named Jennifer Hudson and we created this song "Walk It Out".

I never stop creating...

We've found incredible people around the globe who enjoy listening to my music and watching our videos. We love them dearly and we feel the love right back. This has led me to innovate Acapella music videos and release them consistently on YouTube.

YouTube Stats:

200+ Music Videos

2,400,000+ Subscribers

500,000,000+ Views

I love collaborating with the fans and creating music together. Check out this video with over 2000 voices here.

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